Saturday, December 5, 2009

New Videos Page at!

I know, it's been a while since I posted something recently here at the Interstate 275 Florida Blog. But I got not only one but two new features that I recently added to the site!

First of all, I have a new videos page here at for your viewing enjoyment. I started making a few videos earlier this year, starting with a video on Interstate 375 at Interstate 275 which was made after a March 2009 accident which took place in the same location where a tanker truck flipped over and caught fire in March 2007 which required the closure of the ramp for a month. Since then (and with a newer digital camera) I made a few more videos showing you the Interstate 275 experience both day and night. The videos can be found over at the new videos page here at

OK, on to the second new feature. It's not exactly a new feature so to speak but it is in general. If you have probably seen by now all the photo galleries have been replaced by thumbnail photos followed by the description to the right of the photo (you can see an example here). Like in the previous version if you want to see the full size photo simply click on the thumbnail and the photo will open up in a new window.

Now if you're wondering why has not been updated in a while, it was because I spent a few months recoding the HTML from a Microsoft FrontPage feature to a feature that I can edit on my own. Besides, more and more web hosting providers - including the web host that provides hosting for not only but as well - are discontinuing support for FrontPage Server Extensions, and the photo galleries that were previously used depended on the web host supporting FrontPage Server Extensions. So, rather than paying a web design service an outrageous amount of money (and to mention what kind of finished product you'll get) I recoded the HTML myself so that the photo galleries don't have to depend on the FrontPage Server Extensions.

Hopefully you'll enjoy the new features and updates I put into and feel free to leave me a comment if you so desire.

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