Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Changes to the Dale Mabry Exit (Exit 41A/B)

If you frequently use the Dale Mabry Highway (US 92) exit from southbound Interstate 275 (Exit 41A/B) you will want to read this.

As you probably know already, Interstate 275 from east of FL 60 (Exit 39) to west of Ashley/Tampa/Scott Streets (Exit 44) is already undergoing a total transformation.  The segment on northbound Interstate 275 from Himes Avenue (Exit 41C) to the Hillsborough River, which was already completed, is a preview of what you'll see when it's all said and done, scheduled to be in 2016 according to the Florida DOT.

Starting Wednesday morning, 9 January 2013, the circular ramp from southbound Interstate 275 onto southbound Dale Mabry Highway (actually westbound US 92) will close permanently.  This is needed so that work can begin on building the new Interstate 275 southbound lanes in the area.

But don't worry, you'll still be able to exit southbound Interstate 275 at Dale Mabry Highway.  The exit ramp for northbound Dale Mabry from southbound Interstate 275 will be converted into an all purpose exit ramp allowing for traffic from southbound Interstate 275 to exit onto Dale Mabry Highway in either direction.  Moreover, Exit 41B (northbound Dale Mabry) and Exit 41A (southbound Dale Mabry) will be renamed as Exit 41A/B to reflect the changes that are taking place.

Besides, we have to endure temporary inconveniences if we want a better Interstate 275.  When it's all said and done in 2016, you will experience a much smoother ride and you won't have to go through the roller coaster effect as you cross the many side streets and interchanges.  What I mean by the roller coaster effect is how Interstate 275 was originally designed when it was built in the early to mid 1960's as a section of Interstate 4:  You quickly go up to go over a side street or interchange and then you quickly go down to ground level.

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