An updated look for!

After so many months of updating the pictures (of course due to the ongoing construction and new traffic patterns) and updating the links and all the other things that go with a website, the updated look for is now online!

This is a much better improvement over the old version, which was unchanged for several months. I know, I got your emails asking me when I am going to update content due to the ongoing construction taking place and the resulting traffic shifts. So, rather than just do the improvements piecemeal I went ahead and gave an updated makeover. Besides, the website needed a good makeover anyway.

As an updated is now online, I would like to ask a little favor of our website visitors: Although I checked the links to make sure they work, if you see a link which is broken or nonfunctioning in any way please by all means report it to me via the Feedback page (select the Report a Broken Link on the first drop down menu) and I will take a look at it and correct it if needed.

In the meantime, please enjoy the updated for 2007 website! I would like to hear your feedback after you take a look – please feel free to reply to this post. Keep coming back to frequently and often – you’ll never know something new is there!

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