Interstate 175 Reconstruction Underway

If you are one of those motorists who make Interstate 175 a part of your morning commute, chances are you have seen construction taking place. What you are seeing is a reconstruction project similar to that on Interstate 375 done in 2006.

Much like what was done on Interstate 375, this project will involve the following according to the Florida DOT’s Tampa Bay Interstates site:

1. Replacement of concrete slabs where needed such as cracked slabs

2. Resurfacing of the concrete surface for a smooth travel experience

3. And most importantly, replacement of signage as needed (some of the signage is there from day one when Interstate 175 was opened around 1979)

Until the work is completed, you may see lane shifts and sometimes closures as needed. I know, it’s an inconvenience to all but we have to endure these conditions if we want better roads. For more information you may want to check out the Florida DOT’s Tampa Bay Interstates site at and select the Interstate 175 icon at the top of the page. Additionally, for more information on Interstate 175 you may want to check out my Interstate 175 page at

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