New Exit 39 northbound photos up – finally!

As you probably know already, improvements were made to the ramps from northbound Interstate 275 to Tampa International Airport as well as Kennedy Blvd., more known as Exit 39. Back in the old days, there were two exits: The exit for Kennedy Blvd., known as Exit 39A and the other exit for Tampa International Airport, known as Exit 39B. Moreover, Exit 39 is also known as FL 60, a cross-Florida state route from Clearwater Beach to Vero Beach.

After I got done taking the photos, organizing them into their proper place (both on my PC and on the web server), making the thumbnails (which are smaller versions of the linked photos so that you can see at a glance before clicking on the photo to see the full size version, very important for our dial-up visitors as while most of us have high speed broadband Internet service, there are still a few that have to rely on dial-up for a number of reasons) and editing the text of the web page still using Microsoft FrontPage, I checked and double-checked everything and I thought I published the revised page.

Not so.

Lately I was checking the Interstate 275 Florida site for anything that needed updating such as old links that need to be fixed and everything else, which is part of the maintenance step in web design. (Pinellas County public school students: Did you attend my web design presentation at a Great American Teach In at your school? You probably know the four steps in web design project management: Analysis, design, development and maintenance!) But something was missing when I looked at the first page of the Tampa version of the Interstate 275 virtual tour, which starts at Exit 39: Updated content reflecting the new ramp construction!

So, I had to do something right away. Everything was done, and I added one minor tidbit on the new ramp regarding motorists who were crossing the grassy strip in order to get from the northbound Interstate 275 mainline to the ramp for Tampa International Airport. In fact, the Florida DOT erected a series of white reflector posts to keep motorists from crossing over. However, these white reflector posts are what I think are a temporary fix; perhaps the engineers over at Florida DOT’s District 7 headquarters on McKinley Drive in Tampa should consider a low-level chain link fence as a more permanent solution to keep motorists from crossing the grassy strip. There used to be a low-level chain link fence at Exit 17 (54 Av S) where the off ramp from southbound Interstate 275 and the southbound Interstate 275 mainline are separated for that same reason: Keep motorists from crossing over from the mainline to the ramp and vice versa.

With that one minor edit in mind, I went ahead and began publishing the full size pictures, the thumbnails, and the web page with the changes I made. The finished product is now online if you would like to take a peek.

After all, I have been very busy with my full time job thanks to staffing reductions and less staff having to take on more tasks. But – and – are still my works of art out there on the web. As such, I try very hard to keep everything updated as my time permits.

Still, keep checking back at frequently and often – content changes from time to time as construction projects are completed and new traffic patterns are established. In fact, why not bookmark as a favorite in your browser? That way, you can refer to us frequently and often!

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