Minor changes coming to the website

Happy new year!

Hopefully everyone had a great holiday season; now that the holidays are over everyone is getting back into their normal routine.  I have noticed that Interstate 275 is getting increasingly heavier traffic, especially during the morning and evening commute, now that everyone is back home from their holiday vacations.

Now for some minor changes that are coming soon.  You will want to read this and update your bookmarks and links as appropriate.

If you have noticed by typing Interstate375Florida.com or Interstate175Florida.com into your browser, it takes you to the Interstate 375 or Interstate 175 pages here at Interstate275Florida.com respectively.  After all, Interstates 375 and 175 are the feeders from Interstate 275 into downtown St. Petersburg.

Unfortunately, domain names cost money each year to renew.  When you maintain so many domain names the domain name bill adds up.

In that regard, I am going to make a couple of changes to the downtown St. Petersburg feeders pages here at Interstate275Florida.com:

Interstate375Florida.com: I375.Interstate275Florida.com.
Interstate175Florida.com: I175.Interstate275Florida.com.

The I175 and I375 names that are in front of Interstate275Florida.com are what are called subdomains.  These subdomains will point to a specific page here at Interstate275Florida.com; as an example when you type I375.Interstate275Florida.com into your browser it will take you to the Interstate 375 page, the north downtown St. Petersburg feeder, at Interstate275Florida.com.

No content will change, just how you access it.  Just another way of making content easily accessible here at Interstate275Florida.com.  Be sure to update your bookmarks and links!

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