Facebook Account Needed for Commenting on Posts

For years since the Interstate 275 Florida Blog existed on Blogger I have allowed anonymous commenting with moderation.  Most of the comments were OK but there were some comments that I have had to disapprove on the rare few occasions.

Now that we’re on WordPress, a great feature of WordPress is that you can use a plugin to allow anyone with a Facebook account to comment.  I have noticed that when users use their Facebook account to comment on a blog entry there is more accountability as to who is posting comments.  In fact, about a couple of months ago the Tampa Bay Times switched to a commenting system which requires a Facebook account when their website was revamped; before then you could have either a Facebook account or a site registration account in order to comment.

So, I am making a major change to my commenting policy when it comes to commenting on blog entries here at the Interstate 275 Florida Blog.  It will expand soon to my other blog, the Edward Ringwald Blog, when I get that blog transitioned from Blogger to WordPress.  In order to comment on a blog entry, you will need a Facebook account.

Don’t have a Facebook account?  No worries!  It’s as simple as visiting Facebook’s home page and registering for an account.


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