The Interstate 275 Florida Blog: Now on WordPress!

As you’re probably aware, the Interstate 275 Florida Website has been around since 2003 and the Interstate 275 Blog has been around since 2007.  When I started the Interstate 275 Blog I hosted it on Blogger which is easy to use for the beginner who wants to get into blogging.  I agree, Blogger has a lot of good features that are easy to use, and I can’t complain about that!

But over the years, I needed something better to help manage the Interstate 275 Florida Blog.  When I changed web hosting companies in January 2018 my new web hosting provider, InMotion Hosting, gives me more for my money when it comes to hosting not only the Interstate 275 Florida website but my other websites,, and my website portal,  The ability to host blogs and forums and a whole lot more, more than what my previous web hosting provider had.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about WordPress, and I like the better capabilities that WordPress provides over Blogger.  So, I went ahead and installed WordPress on my site and I was extremely impressed at the look and feel over Blogger.

Right after I completed installation of WordPress it was just a matter of fine tuning WordPress to my liking including adding the cover pictures to the elements of the blog.  Then it came time to import the blog entries from Blogger over to WordPress.

And I am very impressed!  That said, I want to say welcome to the new home of the Interstate 275 Blog, powered by WordPress.

From this day forward, all new posts for the Interstate 275 Florida Blog will be on the WordPress platform.  For the time being, the Interstate 275 Florida Blog on the Blogger platform will be maintained as a legacy blog meaning no new entries or updates will be made on the Blogger platform.  Eventually, I intend to set it up so that if you go to a blog entry on the Blogger platform you will be redirected to the new WordPress platform.

One more thing, and this is just a reminder on commenting:  When you comment on an entry, please keep it clean as the Interstate 275 Florida Website and Blog are family friendly sites, and I will do everything in my power to keep it that way.  In addition, you may want to review the Community Guidelines for the Interstate 275 Florida Blog over at my website portal,

Once again, welcome to the new home of the Interstate 275 Florida Blog, proudly powered by WordPress!

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