SunPass Problems?

Remember back in June when SunPass went offline for a week for a major upgrade?  I have been hearing a lot of horror stories about problems with SunPass when the site came back online such as transactions not posting like they have should and the inability to add funds to your SunPass account among other things.

Right now a few of the problems with SunPass have been corrected such as the ability to add funds to your account as well as parking at Tampa International Airport using SunPass Plus.  But thanks to a squabble on the part of the contractor handling the SunPass upgrades, transactions since the day SunPass went offline in June weren’t posted but we’re seeing a little progress.

So, if you have a SunPass horror story – such as adding funds, toll transactions and customer service interactions to name a few – to share, I would like to invite you to share your experience by leaving a comment.  After all, the Florida DOT did a disservice to all SunPass users and there should have been a new and improved SunPass system when it went back online.

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